"Hi, I am Sally, ​


I was looking for something to do in the afternoons and joined the knitting club. My knitting skills were very basic because I could only knit plain stitches and straight rows.


One can only have so many scarves. ​ I also like to crochet but again, I knew a little but not enough to do more than squares and circles. Since I joining, a couple of weeks ago, I've almost learnt to read to a crochet pattern and I am being challenged with the knitting. ​


The club is very relaxed and friendly. No one cares that I am a novice, because the members are all happy to help those in need. ​ Belonging to the club helps me to use my hands more, engages me in conversation, improve my skills and is good for my general well-being. ​ I am glad I've joined and highly recommended".

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