Learn To Upcycle Clothes

Learn to Upcycle Clothes With A Group of Friends

Are you thrifty, crafty, and friendly? Join our group! The value of a circle of friends is undeniable and meeting face to face is a vital part of the experience. More people are losing touch of that today because you have a sense of connection online and it replaces face to face bonding. You can join our group at Blue Sewing Club and meet to learn to Upcycle clothes into new items that you can trade, sell, or wear. Why buy when you can sew and enjoy the company of a bunch of people who are there for the same purpose? Even if you are unsure if you are crafty yet, join us to find out what skills you have.

If you have “clothes making courses near me in London, UK” in your search engine then you are just the type of person to take a class with us. You can learn to sew in a comfortable setting among a group of people who will become pals in the course of the class. You can upcycle any type of clothing and even old towels and bedsheets into whole new usable pieces to decorate, sell, and wear.

Clothes upcycling has become a trend in the area and many people do not even stick to their own wardrobe when it comes to recreating quality one of a kind pieces from other old worn pieces of cloths. Thrift shops get people every day that are searching specifically for items to repurpose into new pieces of clothing. You can learn this trending skill with us and you can enjoy the process of creation and showing off your talents as your skill for turning trash into treasure grows over time.

Blue Sewing Club commitment to using fashion to drive change, build a sustainable future and improve the way we live. If you are interested in sustainability and affordability this course will help you to develop and understand sustainable fashion and enable you to explore fashion options and develop your creative skills. This is a great moment to discuss the environmental challenges of our time.

We welcome you to a community of changemakers to share experiences and motivate  global communities 

This course will start as soon we have enough people register.

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