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Blue Sewing Club Is the Sewing Group You Never Knew You Wanted to Belong To

If you live anywhere near London, UK book a class at Blue Sewing Club. You will be happy you did. It is the sewing group you did not even know you needed but once you go and sit down and learn this basic life skill with a bunch of like-minded people you will wonder why you did not join a sewing circle years ago! You can enjoy the club as a place to meet new people, a place to create, and a place to just be yourself.

What is a sewing circle? A sewing circle is a group of people who meet regularly to chat and sew. Sometimes the sewing projects are done for a cause or charity like making baby blankets for needy families. Other times the projects are for a particular event like an upcoming wedding of someone close to the group. The idea is to give people a productive way to spend their time, socialize, and even contribute to the community as they choose. It can be a blast and the custom has fallen out of tradition a bit with the rise of mass-produced clothes and linens.

Blue Sewing Club wants to bring the sewing circle back. We welcome all to join our group and to develop a new skill while building friendships over time. We offer a variety of courses so if knitting is not your thing, check out tailoring, or upcycling, or quilting. We are happy to even form new classes as needed or requested by enough people. Come find out what all the fuss about modern sewing circles is about. We look forward to meeting you and helping you hone your skills.

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